America's 10 hottest cities for startups


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Tech startups are the small but mighty heroes of the innovation revolution. They create jobs, stimulate the economy and bring bold, often life-changing new ideas and inventions to the fore. Reflecting this rising trend, cities all across America are home to an ever-growing crop of transformative startups — and the next generation of skilled tech talent propelling them forward.

To better understand the U.S. cities driving the digital revolution — and to highlight exemplary patterns within their startup ecosystems that entrepreneurs and civic leaders can learn from to bolster their region’s competitive edge —& 1776, the& U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the& U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center& and& developed the& Innovation That Matters (ITM) report.

Drawing off of survey data collected from local tech startup founders and public and private sector leaders, the annual extensive research project, now in its third year, ranks 25 American cities’ readiness to capitalize on the shift to the digital economy.

The 413 entrepreneurs and business influencers polled (via an 18-point questionnaire) are working to solve problems in the healthcare, energy, education and smart cities sectors through technology and innovation. The information and feedback they provided centered around six key areas — startup capital, connectivity, culture, density, industry specialization and talent — was used to rank the various metropolitan areas.

“We’re in the midst of a digital revolution has the potential to make winners of some cities and leave others behind,” said J.D. Harrison, senior director of strategic communications at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The cities that embrace this shift to a digital economy and actively support technology startups will be best positioned to unleash the power of high-impact innovation and cultivate vibrant, thriving communities.”

Of the many tech hubs examined, 10 rose to the top as the hottest American cities to launch a tech startup from right now. They are:

10. Portland, Ore.

Nicknamed “Silicon Forest” and home to a booming green tech sector, Portland jumped up two spots in the overall ITM report rankings this year to nab the 10th spot. This ascent is mainly due to significant gains in startup density. Additionally, the city saw a two-place improvement in startup culture, as well as a one-place upward jump in availability of skilled talent.

9. New York City

Coming in at 9th in this year’s ITM report, New York City’s technology ecosystem, sometimes called “Silicon Alley,” is home to just about every startup niche imaginable, with notable sectors including education tech, health tech and financial tech playing a big role. Specifically, over the past year, the& largest East Coast technology hub& saw a 10-place increase in availability of skilled tech talent and a 10-place increase in startup culture.

8. Seattle

Seattle, increasingly known as “Silicon Canal,” climbed from 11th on the ITM report to 8th this year in the overall rankings. Washington state’s largest metropolis — home to and several other prominent tech firms, with Microsoft headquartered out of nearby Redmond — saw a 7-place improvement in startup density, a 3-place improvement in access to talent and a 1-place improvement in venture capital.

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