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The best PC gaming headset 2018

As you wait for the best graphics cards return to regular prices, you should think about the rest of your components and peripherals and how they’re getting older – one day they’ll be as obsolete as an Intel 8080 is today. And ho...

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Here Are the 10 Jobs With the Fastest Pay Growth

The 10 jobs with the fastest growth in pay over the past year may surprise you -- because many of them are not high-paying jobs. Of 84 occupations tracked, the top gainers included truck drivers, bank tellers, and cashiers. The data comes from the jo...

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The best Android screen recorder for 2018

So you want to record some of the action on your Android smartphone or tablet? Well, we've got the best screen recorders for you, picked from the wide selection of options out there. These are the most reliable and most feature-packed offerings...