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Companies / SunMag - 1 month ago

Optical delusions: Pentax K-01

The mirrorless K-01 was supposed to signal the re-emergence of Pentax after a pretty crappy 2011. Those 12 months saw parent company Hoya offload Pentax to Ricoh, while the brand managed to launch just four compact cameras and the ill-concei...

Companies / SunMag - 1 month ago

This phone needs no battery

With festival season in full swing, many of you no doubt wonder on a regular basis why smartphone batteries aren't getting better. The answer is simple - they are getting better, but manufacturers choose to use that power to bump up specs rather...

Companies / SunMag - 1 month ago

The World’s Most Powerful Women: July 6

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Dublin on Tuesday as one of the first world leaders to meet with Ireland’s new Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who was elected last month. One item on the agenda was gender equality. According to the...