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Companies / SunMag - 1 day ago

3 Reasons for the Crypto Collapse

The bad old days are back. Crypto prices are in free fall and no one’s sure where the bottom lies. Even mighty Bitcoin wasn’t spared as prices crashed below the $6,000 mark--regarded by many as an unofficial floor--and then fell further t...

Companies / SunMag - 1 day ago

NASA May Start Selling Tourists Tickets to Space

NASA might soon be joining Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk in the space-for-profit race. After watching the billionaires’ respective Virgin Galaxy, Blue Origin, and SpaceX race to blast tourists out of the earth’s atmosphere, N...

Companies / SunMag - 1 day ago

Alexa can now make Skype calls

Amazon and Microsoft are joining forces to bring a better video calling experience to Alexa devices: Starting today, you can now use Skype on both audio-only Alexa devices like the Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus, as well as Alexa v...