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China looking to launch 6G by 2030

The race for leadership in the 5G world might still be in its early stages, but China is already making moves to become a pioneer in 6G networks.Su Xin, head of a 5G technology working group at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Tech...

Companies / SunMag - 1 day ago

How We Picked Our Best Stocks for 2019

Remember The Story of Ferdinand? That children's book from 1936, still in print, tells the tale of a Spanish bull who refuses to embrace his heritage and fight to the death in the corrida. Ferdinand, an icon of pacifism, would much rather lie under a...

Companies / SunMag - 1 day ago

How Fortune’s Best Stocks Performed in 2018

A year ago, the Fortune investment team picked an "All-Tech Portfolio." Our thesis was that the companies that proved best at leveraging technology--no matter their industry--would deliver the best results for -investors. How did that thesis play out...