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Companies / SunMag - 2 days ago

Open source: it's not the code, it's people

The need for open source security management became front-page news last year thanks to a major data breach at one of the world’s largest credit reporting agencies, Equifax. Equifax maintains a vast amount of sensitive personal and fi...

Companies / SunMag - 2 days ago

Barclaycard launches SMB-focused credit cards

Barclaycard is giving its small business customers a boost with the launch of new business-focused credit cards.The payments provider has teamed up with Travis Perkins and Toolstation for the new offerings, which provide extended interest-free credit...

Companies / SunMag - 2 days ago

Best time management solution in 2018

While it can be difficult to precisely define what time is, it is more relevant to say that “time is what can be measured.” And measure it we do, whether by a clock on the wall, a wristwatch, or the clock app on our smartphone....