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The coming 5G revolution

The next generation of mobile internet connectivity, 5G, is expected to officially launch worldwide by 2020. Each generation of mobile internet has brought significant speed and performance boosts to user devices but 5G is also expected to enable eme...

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Apple Watch Series 4 Review: A Healthy Future

Thirty seconds after pressing my finger on the side of my new Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch, an electrocardiogram chart appears on the screen of my iPhone. Until two weeks ago, I would have had to go to a doctor’s office to measure of the rhy...

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PewDiePie printer hackers launch further attack

Thousands of printers around the world have again been hijacked in a mass security breach aimed at promoting  YouTube superstar PewDiePie.Hackers took control of thousands of home and commercial devices around the world, forcing them to prin...