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Products / SunMag - 3 weeks ago

Intel ships update for newest Spectre-affected chips

& Intel has introduced that the repair is out for its newest chips affected by Spectre, the memory-leakage flaw affecting virtually all computing hardware. The patch is for the Skylake era (late 2015) and newer, although most customers will nonethele...

Products / SunMag - 3 weeks ago

A system to tell good fake bokeh from bad

& The pixel-peepers at DxOMark have shared a few of the fascinating metrics and methods they use to guage the standard of a smartphone’s synthetic bokeh, or background blur in pictures. Not solely is it troublesome to do within the first place,...

Products / SunMag - 3 weeks ago

Ultrasound could waken a sleeping smart home

& The house of the longer term, we're assured, can be swarming with tiny sensors: safety cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, audio system and every thing else. Few have to be operating on a regular basis — however how do you wake them up once t...